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Seiyuu I should try follow more

YouTube - 獣装機攻ダンクーガ ノヴァ - アフレコ風景:

Ok this time around I will not use Wiki for reference.

Ikezawa Haruna I always feel like I should watch more show that she is in. Marimite is the only show I watch that where she one the cast members. I honestly don't know here vocal range aside from her Yoshino voice. Haruna has done many show I am little surprise I haven't watch some them. One this day I should make a Ikezawa Haruna maratho and see if can watch some her anime she has work on.

Kuwashima Houko I am little shock just how many show I watch where she was one the cast member. I know I am pretty bad with name but considering that she been on at least 6 series I follow.  One of  the show I watch several time and not know who she is. Course now that I know she doing the voice of Clare in Claymore. While I can give the excuse that Clare does not speak to often cause she let her Claymore do all the talking you would think the voice would had trigger some memory. Maybe is just I am getting old. I totally enjoy Claymore. The last episode left at the edge of my sit. I can't wait to see this week episode. Another thing that this series has also had me considering buying the Manga. I am not much of Manga reader but I had strongly considering picking it up just to read about this character of Clare. Maybe the next time I am store I may just give in. I am very much of impulse buyer.

Well this should be my last post for today. Tomorrow I got some reading to do and hope the sun is out so I can enjoy my reading outdoors by the river. The weather forecast for the last day has been wrong so I hope is wrong again.  The weather channel.com has been saying rain here in the area I live but not much has drop. I guess it a wait and see.