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Anime Boston 2007 day 1

disclaimer it about 3am so grammar well though sentence maybe in short supply if you choose to read further ahead.
You do have the option to skip my reading and just view this pictures.
btw let me know if you issue viewing the folder. It should public but it late and attention to detail is not a strong point at moment. also I got bad case of red eyes even thou i set the flash no no red eyes but i must not be aim it right or something.

Since this my first Anime Con I been to. I got say I had pretty fun time with the small portion I got to do in day 1. I got in time for the opening ceremony. It had many funny moment as they introduce the guest that would be having panel through the weekend. After the ceremony had end I took a bit walk around the dealer room. I saw many thing I would like to own but I know me and while I like many once they get in my house they get lost that is the mess that is my room. While I was looking in the dealer are I began to ask many of cosplay is would take their picture and this what I did before I head to my first panel in anime con. The panel had Junji Nishimura and Yasuhiro Imagawa. It was very interesting some the question been ask and their reply to question. I very much enjoy this event. I got me to laugh couple time which is not always easy for some like me. Once the panel had end I when walk around taking pictures, visit the Karaoke, the dealer room and this time I actually bought something. I bought a t-shirt which I know I would use. It was getting close to 5pm and I want to change so I would go to the ballroom dance later that nite so I return home. The one thing I forgot about the ballroom dance is that jacket was require so I was not allow to enter. I was a bit disappoint in myself forgetting that little part. I may have been disappoint but there so much to do I found that at 9pm the AMV event was starting so I choose to go there. Which turn to be good choice cause I had fun see some the work people had done in putting together the AMV. I would say that some of AMV look very professional. I was bit annoy or bother that number of option for material was only FF, Bleach, Naruto, and Full metal Alchemist. I must see about 10 clips all from Advent children in which Cloud holds Aeris in the pool of water. Don't get me wrong is beauty scene but after it been use 10 by what are 10 different people it got a bit old I am sad to from my point view. Even with that minor bit of annoyance I though the 2 hours when fast. The final thing to end the day after I again kept asking people to let take their picture I wonder in to the raven party. I must say I am a bit rusty but I can still keep up with some move but sadly I got limit amount time before I wrong breath lol. I am not in the shape I use to be when I use to dance all the times. It was still fun and I even got glow sticks. It been while since I use glow stick to dance with. I am glad I got to do this and I had fun doing.


Glad to hear you had fun! Some of the cosplays in the pics looked really well done. ^^ Did you cosplay at all?
I am glad you were able to see the folder. I was not sure if had set setting right before I went to sleep.

Did I cosplay I guess you can say sadly I didn't. I never been one with talent in respect to creating or crafting clothing. The process of picking something would also be troubling for me. I am never good a picking one thing. Generally I like to have people make suggestion cause they can see better what would fit me for cosplay character.
You don't necessarily have to be good at sewing/crafts to cosplay! I mean, it would help a lot, but if you find that you fit a character really well, you could buy or commission someone to make the costume for you. Also, some cosplays are really simple and you can pretty much "make" the costume by matching normal clothes. ^^

But cosplay isn't for everyone and if it's not your thing, that's perfectly cool too! You can still enjoy the cons and stuff.
I did hear this girl complain that many aren't really cosplay that they are just wearing but don't know the charter they are using.