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Sunday Easter

Well AB is finally Over for me. In few hours I will be join the family for standard Easter dinner. Considering how little I ate in this last 3 days. Tonight dinner should be greatly welcome for my tummy.

I had fun but some how it feel like I had more fun last year. Maybe cause it was all new for me and fresh. This time around it was fun but it felt like something was miss. In any case I am sure I will be there new year and I am sure I will have then as well.

I like take picture cosplayer of anime I don't watch or have clue where they are from. Even if I watch I wouldn't know tilt it hit me week after the con is over. Yes, I am lame but my memory totally suck in recalling name. There is one or two ok make 3 Anime show whom I don't make habit of taken picture. If I did take picture I must been really impress with what they had on or use of this 3 show I don't take picture. I am sure you can figure out which show aren't in this collection of 289 photo. Anime Boston 2008 I haven't edit or alter any of this picture so some are good and some are bad. Cause I is a noob.

Edit: I like Claymore Manga and Anime. I was really disappoint that I didn't get Clare or Priscilla pictures. I just found that on Friday I took a picture of Clare didn't even know it. I went to Sunday with the hope of finding Clare. Now my regret is that I didn't get more picture of Clare.


It was so great to finally meet you! Your pics of me came out really cool, too...you are seriously awesome. :D
I am bad in introducing myself. It was funny that you look at my badge to figure out who I was. yeah it was nice to finally have face to face meet.