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Sola interview

YouTube - [聲優] 能登麻美子、中原麻衣 「sola」訪談:

I been watching this series Sola and it does help that 2 of my favor Seiyuu are in the cast. Noto Mamiko and Nakahara Mai I  lost track in the number of anime I see them together. I course can't wait to see Noto Mamiko at Otakon. One the big reason I am going there is to get chance to see her live. I hope to take few picture of her and if lucky one with her and me. I guess I got little over a month to go for this to happen. I still need to buy a bag to take my cloths. I have older bag but I just want something new.

The anime Sola I like but I wouldn't saying is like my top favor. I guess the story thus far to me has been a little slow and the fact it only 14 episode leave me with many question. I don't like when series give all the explanation in one or two episode. It feel cheat when they do that. It does have some wonderful character and very interesting mystery to some them. I just wish they gave time to fully explain them. It still good anime to watch if you had given it a try.