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Animeph - Summer 2007 season new anime list:
Generally during the summer I like to spend time out side getting some color on my skin or least returning to my natural color. I also like to read while I am outside enjoy the weather. Watching anime is not a top priority but there are anime that make you go hmmmmmm. I been looking for a good list of what anime will be airing this summer and this list is the close I gotten too what will be offer during the summer. The list does show couple show I like. Devil May Cry, Zero No Tsukaima 2 ,and there couple who have interesting concept but I am not complete sold on them. This summer to me feel a bit light unlike last summer which had several show that I like. Shigurui look interesting from the little teaser but ANN has nothing on it at moment. I can only go by the little clip all which is in Kangi which I have zero clue to what it may say. I like historical anime or some what historical. Maybe the word period anime may be a bit better. I guess I will just have to wait for couple or so more week tilt Summer season start and see if there are more anime I should try to follow.

I am looking forward to Kugimiya Rie return role as Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière one my favor show from last summer. Kind interesting that my first though after watching the first episode of Zero no Tsukaima was Harry Potter. It nothing like Harry Potter but the idea of a magical school and special student to me made them very similar.  Speaking of which the 5th movie is coming out July 13 and the last book will be out at same month. It the only movie I am planning to see at moment all other movies coming out really do not interest me at all. The Harry Potter books I only read up to 4th book and I just start on the 5th book couple days ago.  I guess I would be able to read the 6th book before the movie comes out and be ready to read the 7th and final book. I don't why I like but I like I am not shame to say it. Well maybe I am shame to say cause only couple people know I am ready the book now and the fact I like the movies.