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Sunday Dragon Festival

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I almost forgot that today down by the Charles River the Dragon Festival was going to happen. It was almost noon by the time I left my house and the minute I left I recall that Dragon Boat Festival was about to start. I arrive just in time to see the start of ceremony. I took as many picture as I would and not all are that great but it hard to capture moving target with my cheap digital camera I have. At least that excuse I am using now. I need to learn how to use all it functions. I didn't take many picture of the Dragon Boat Race cause I spend most my time inside the event tent with all varies of dances and martial arts showcase. I past event I never notice Philippine cultural dance before. It does seem to borrow quite a bit from Spaniard both in cloths and in music style. Yet the steps and lot moment is very Asian. Watching their performance was great. The last song they perform sadly picture does not do it justices to how great their performance was. I really want to capture this when they were spinning in circle but I always miss my chance to get it but this the close I got to what I want to have . I found my of the shots I took were always a few second to late. The food selection was Middles East Thai, Thai or Thai so I had Thai for lunch and some Ice Cream. I had Pad Thai with Mango Juice.