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Well I am back home finally. I upload all the photo I took of the long weekend event. What I am surprise is that I didn't take as many photo as I though I was going too.
Well I guess the reason why I have fewer picture would be cause I was a bit more selective with what I took picture off. I guess I was a bit bias in that I avoid cosplayer of Bleach and  Naruto for the most part. I am sure if I took picture of every Naruto and Bleach I would easily had reach the max number of 765 picture that my camera can hold. I only took about 449 picture total for the 3 days I was taking picture.

Otakon considering is only my second anime con I ever been too was a little disappointing. Maybe I had higher expectation than when I attend AB. I don't want to say I didn't enjoy myself for the 3 day event because I. I had lot fun watching the cosplayer and couple of the panels I went too which had high value imho. I guess the reason disappoint may had to do with staffing, scheduling and my arrival to Baltimore was a bit annoying. I guess in some way they may had effect my overall judgment of Otakon.

I will start with what I enjoy the most of this weekend. Cosplayer do make going to Otakon lots fun. Many do such great job with their costume and keep true to the role they choose. I totally got really happy when I saw cosplayer of anime I watch which were in the minority which may taking their picture all the more special for me. There was one little girls dress as Alister from Las Exile which I want to get but sadly I was not able to catch up to her before she left the building. I didn't feel right to run after her it would look creepy I though. I really want a picture of her but at last it was not meant to be. Its my one that got away story. The one thing I notice I about myself after this going two con is that I don't watch a lot anime. I always feel like I watch plenty but after going to con there are so many other anime I left to wonder what else I am missing. Like Princess TUTU I never heard of this anime yet there were quite a few cosplayer anyway I digress. I still long way from been a great photographer so I may not had done a great justice to lot cosplayer I happen to take their picture off. I hope they can forgive me.

The Panel I got chance to go I only truly like 3 panel of all the panel I went to. The panel I like were Photo/Cosplay, Noto Mamiko and Last Exile panel. I totally wimp out in the Mamiko panel and didn't stand up to ask question. Well I did stand up but I let some else get to the mic and ask question then it got flood by lot people so I never got courage to get up again. There 3 little girls which Photo I took soon after the panel was over which were cosplaying Yumi, Sei and Shimako from Maria-sama Ga Miteru. Mamiko even say they all look very kawaii. I believe she said that Yumi look the most Kawaii but don't quote me on that. The three little girt got up to the mic and said GOKIGENYOU and every time they went to the Mic they would say GOKIGENYOU. It was blast been at the panel even if I didn't get around to get to ask question myself.
The Photo panel I got to learn a few thing I never though about before so it was great learning experience. The one thing I would still have hard time is getting to tell the Cosplay how to pose to get the most of their cosplay and environment to make the picture extra special. I don't like feel that I am been to pushy since many get ask for picture so often to the point they get annoy. I am happy to get one good picture to go to the level of push to do stuff to increase the effect imho is bit much but I guess you never know unless you ask. I did get chance to ask couple people who were very friendly to the idea. One was playing Tifa from FF VII Advent Children and Karura from Utawarerumono. I actually ask them if they would do a pose for and both were very much incline do it for me and were very much into which may me pretty happy.
The other panel I got to enjoy was Last Exile which one many anime I love to re-watch cause such good story. The panel again inform me thing that never cross my mind and complete blow me away. There was guy who got ask to join the panel for he understood why the planet was shape like it was and he had good reason for it. I definably planning to re-watch all Last Exile again just to see all this extra info I miss the first 3 time I see it. One the panel member was cosplaying Sofia which I didn't realize tilt I saw her hair style when it finally hit me who she was. I took picture of her course after the panel was over.

I change my mind I was going to write about the thing I didn't enjoy at Otakon but it best to remember the good thing rather that bad thing. Will I do Otakon again is "IF" at moment not because I didn't enjoy but it expensive to go there and Baltimore as city I don't I didn't quite feel safe at all. The people around look angry for some reason but anyway if do go I know that their will be few panel I will enjoy and Cosplayer who do make going to this event worth while.

One last thing I did get to meet up with one person whom I know for such long, long time but never been face to face. It was definably one the high point to get to chat for little bit. I know I am not much of talker, I am more of listener than talker. Getting to spend couple hour with her was quite nice and meeting her boyfriend and friends was nice as well. I am glad she has some one that make her happy. Oh yeah I also got the Harry Potter book while in Baltimore I guess that good thing.


Yay, glad to hear you had fun and that you did get to buy the Harry Potter book ^.^ And I wouldn't blame you for not coming back to Otakon again, it is expensive to travel and Baltimore is a pretty scary city! I generally avoid going downtown except for special occasions or when I am forced to go to T. Rowe's Pratt Street or St Paul offices.. I enjoyed dinner, thank you so much! Sorry if Rusty and Thomas were a bit rowdy, I wonder about them sometimes!!
You do remember I said I would take you to Cheesecake Factory but it no big deal. I guess I am use to my corner of the world while it not like 100% safe it felt safer than Baltimore. I may still go it was not crazy spend compare to other people who were paid around $200+ per night while I only paid $119 and I got breakfast include on the deal. I did get to walk from Convention center back to my hotel it was around 15 min walk and it was bad but it just felt weird. Yeah I am on Chapter at moment 28.
Rusty and Thomas were that bad they light the moment and were silly which made for fun entertainment. I love the Carrot Cheesecake. I should get for my b-day when the time come.