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Another Sunday

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I work near FHM and one day I arrive to see this cake in the shape of FHM. I am not really sure what Harborfest is consider I live in the Boston are for long time. I sadly didn't get a piece of the cake but than again I don't think with all the kids that were I would get slice any case.

The next group picture happen the following day. I was coming out Government Center stop when I saw this group of Red Coats getting ready to march. I only had about 10 minute before I had to be at work so I didn't get all the picture I would had like too. It was kind funny that one in Green out fit was taking picture of the one in the Red. I think he was a SPY! The march I was able to see was very interesting to see.

Charles River during the summer months tilt about a little after labor day. A section of Memorial Drive is close to allow people to walk, bike, skate or what ever in the section of the road. Generally every Sunday I go there walk up and down the river. I use to Blade but I haven't done that in while and I feel I should get new blade but just not in the mood to go and see what kind blade I should get. Plus I like just sitting by the river reading or writing. I prefer to read but once in blue moon I like writing the most random of though I have. I would like to find a series of book I can get hook on and read them at river. The last book I read which I been avoiding reading for the longest amount time possible was the Harry Potter. I read 1 thru 6 all by the river which I enjoy doing. I guess I just wait and see if I can find a book I like.